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Beautiful People

We are beautiful.

The Beautiful People
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This is a journal for beautiful people. Not just on the outside...but inside as well. If you have any problems, feel free to contact the maintainers or moderators.

1. DO NOT insult the moderators or stamped members. You will be banned.

2. When you are posting for the first time. Put why you think you are beautiful in writing.

3. Then submit pictures with an LJ-cut.

4. If you get a no..suck it up and take it like a man. don't be immature.

5. we reserve the right to remove anyone we choose.

6. Follow general LJ etiquette.

7. you cannot vote until you've been voted in and we notify you.

8. Don’t be mean to people posting. If it’s no..then it’s no..that’s it. don't be immature.

9.You CANNOT comment on any other posts other than your own until you have been stamped. Breaking this rule more than once will result in you being banned.

10. There will be a 24 hour voting period. If the majority votes yes and some others haven’t voted, I will stamp you. Majority rules.

11. If you join, you MUST POST A PICTURE!
Failure to do so will result in being banned.

12. When you post your pic for the first time include the following:
General location
Hidden talent,
Failure to do so will get an automatic NO

13. Please limit posts to one a day.

14. If you need to fix your post..do not delete it..edit it. If you post again, we will delete both posts.

15. There will be ABSOLUTELY no nudity. No exceptions!! Provocative and slightly risque photos ARE allowed if they are appropriate for theme weeks.

16. Text-only posts suck. Make as few as possible.
Problem? Tell us

princessdreams = Maintainer/moderator/owner
AIM = Jekabear