Becca (ides_of_october) wrote in beautiful_us,


I'm sick today :(

We love to have fun!!!

But sometimes we're sad :(

...Which makes us look emo.

Looking emo makes us tired, so sometimes we sleep...

...and sleep.

After we wake up, we wonder what we should do next!

Whatever it is we do, it's always something crazy!

We love to tell each other secrets...

...and listen to what the other has to say.

But since we're identical twins, we always do everything at the exact same time, which makes talking and listening hard.

This makes us mad at each other...

...and we usually fight about it.

But it always works out in the end, and we give each other high fives!

Sometimes we get mad at each other because we're both wearing the same outfit.

...but we always make up by giving each other high-fives.

Oh, golly, what a silly twin I have!

(You see what being sick does to you?!?!)
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